Norwegian open test site for C-ITS technology

Demonstration site in an arctic area with challenging winter conditions. Open test laboratory for C-ITS technology where the objective is to increase predictability for transport companies.

Location: E8 from Skibotn to the Finnish border, extended area from Skjervøy (Fv866 and E6), E6 to Tromsø

Testing: May 2018 – July 2020

Gardeborgbakken is one of the hills on the road section with challenging gradient and curvature (Photo by Marius Staulen)

About the site

E8 is a transport route from Northern Norway to Finland, a route that is particularly important for salmon going to eastern markets. The demonstration site is a part of this route and contains several problem areas for heavy trucks. The weather and driving conditions change significantly from the fjord in Skibotn to the mountain areas by the border. Hills with challenging gradient and curvature can cause problems for the heavy trucks, especially during winter. The problems in the areas by the border are mainly due to drifting snow. 

The demonstration site on the E8 from Skibotn to the Finnish border has been named Borealis. Finland has a corresponding demonstration site, named Aurora, from Kilpisjärvi to Kolari.

C-ITS in mountain areas

To enable testing of C-ITS services, several technical installations have been made on the 38 km long road section between Skibotn and the Finnish border. A total of 10 locations are equipped with power and fiber network for communication, as well as cabinets, technical buildings or masts for mounting of sensors and other equipment. The locations are chosen to cover the main problem areas where traffic flow disruptions occur, and sites suitable for detecting, warning or stopping oncoming vehicles. Test vehicles are equipped with technology that enables communication between vehicles and between vehicles and road side units such as ITS stations.

Winter conditions in Gardeborgbakken

Mobile road works warning - Norwegian pilot

On street parking information in Trondheim Norwegian pilot