Arctic Challenge - Automated driving in arctic conditions

Automated driving in snowy and icy conditions, i.e. post and poles, C-ITS hybrid communication and remote driving.

Location: E8 arctic intelligent transport road corridor, Muonio, 10 km test section

Testing: Three Test Fests available for all in January 2018, October 2018 and March 2019

Final results

The final results of Arctic Challenge, investigating road transport automation in winter conditions, give solution proposals for vehicles and the Finnish road network. Automation of road traffic requires interoperability of services and adequate network connections in Arctic snow and ice conditions. Vehicle positioning can be improved with marker posts equipped with radar reflectors or radio technology as well as sensors, laser scanning and high-definition maps. Read more in the Final Report.

Automated Driving in Snowy Conditions

NordicWay 2 Pilot. VTT’s Martti vehicle is driving in automated mode in the AURORA E8, Muonio test corridor and in the Lapland Olos hotel area. The differential GPS and inertia unit are used for positioning and aligning car in the pre-defined route. Furthermore, LiDARs are used for adjusting lane keeping function. Exceptionally, the vehicle can drive even without lane marking and in turbulent snow due to filter the LiDAR data. The data gathering has been done by the VTT’s RobotCar Crew.

NordicWay 2 Pilot, Test and demo week

Compiled video of test and demo in Muonio Lapland, open road conditions during January 2018.

Services implemented on the site

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