The CEF supported NordicWay C-ITS deployment pilot (2015-17) has already shown the feasibility of cellular C-ITS service provision with low latencies. NordicWay has also developed and published the Cloud2Cloud concept with an Interchange network building on standards and open solutions, in particular by combining traffic messages with AMQP server technology. The NordicWay concept forms a blueprint for a scalable, interoperable C-ITS implementation, with embedded privacy, security and data governance solutions and is coming into operational use. 

NordicWay 2 and 3 build on and further develop this successful concept, among others by establishing a federated network with multiple Interchange nodes.

NordicWay Tour

The NordicWay Tour (first part) has been completed in September 2019. The tour went through 5000 km of roads with 5 border crossings, 2 by ferry and 3 by roads. Through the entire trip the car was connected to the Interchange in order to receive updated information on traffic and road conditions.

Why a NordicWay Tour?

·        To understand the infrastructure impact on C-ITS services

·        To collect data to show the strengths and weaknesses which is crucial for the understanding

The NordicWay Tour studies three important infrastructure aspects:

·        Connectivity

·        Positioning capability

·        Human/machine readable infrastructure

Cell phone coverage is measured, GNSS positioning ability and disturbance is measured and finally speed signs are collected from video and will be compared to the speed signs stored in national road databases.

Further, C-ITS messages from the NordicWay Interchange were received throughout the tour.

The logging of the C-ITS messages and all the other logs on infrastructure aspects will be used in the evaluation of the systems.

The story about the NordicWay has also been told by Norwegian television channel NRK