Signalized Intersections

The service is to provide information to road users to support safe and efficient crossing of signalized intersections. The implementation of the use cases should increase safety and traffic flow efficiency and reduce adverse environmental effects following from erratic and stop-and-go driving.

NordicWay Presentation Signalized Intersections

The video shows an example of an implementation of the services, however the services can be implemented and used in different use cases as described below.


Road intersections represent complex traffic environments where traffic flows may be impeded in different ways, where risks for accidents are higher, and where fuel consumption and adverse environmental effects are high due to stop-and-go driving.

Providing road users with information for passing intersections should allow them to adapt their driving behaviour for safe and smooth passing of intersections.


The objective is more attentive driving.

NordicWay 3 Flagship pilots implementing this service

Traffic Signal Information & Priority

NordicWay 2 Demonstration sites implementing this service

Traffic Signal  Priority Request 

Information on Green Light Optimal Speed  Advisory GLOSA (Signalized Intersections)   

Information on Time To Green (Signalized  Intersections)

Norwegian open test site for C-ITS  technology

Norwegian C-ITS services for challenges  on high volume highways

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • More attentive and cautious driving;
  • More energy efficient driving (reduced fuel consumption);
  • More efficient traffic flow;
  • Reduced travel time for designated vehicles;
  • Improved traffic safety (reduced number of collisions and other accidents).

Use Cases

The use cases for the service include:

  • Signal Violation;
  • Time To Green / Time To Red;
  • Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA);
  • Traffic Signal Priority Request.