About NordicWay 1

NordicWay 1 (2015 - 2017) was a project with the aim to test and demonstrate the interoperability of cellular C-ITS (cooperative ITS) services both for passenger and freight traffic, piloting continuous services offering a similar user experience in the whole NordicWay network in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NordicWay 1 was a real-life deployment pilot, aiming to facilitate a wider deployment in the Nordic countries. The project followed the policy guidance of the European Commission, and was supported via the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme managed by INEA.

NordicWay introduction

2:55 min. presentation of the NordicWay project.

NordicWay demonstration

6:35 min. presentation of the NordicWay demonstrations.

NordicWay demonstration (short version)

2:49 min. presentation of the NordicWay demonstrations.

NordicWay Spot

1:31 min. spot presentation of NordicWay.


During the project, cars have utilized cellular networks to share specific and low latency traffic safety information regarding e.g. obstacles on the road, weather conditions, slippery surfaces and accidents. Voluntary drivers of 1800 vehicles were connected and shared information with other vehicles on the road and the surrounding infrastructure in a C-ITS network through the Interchange Node developed during the project.

The project goal was to pilot and facilitate specific C-ITS functionalities through a common architecture. The deliveries of the project have laid the foundation for automated cloud communication via cellular networks with data generated by vehicle on-board sensors and the surrounding infrastructure. Communication has been established between vehicles, smart devices on the road, service providers, road administrators as well as other public administrations. 

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