Road Works Warning

The service is to warn road users about nearby road works (mobile, static, short-term, long-term).

NordicWay Presentation Road Works Warning

The video shows an example of an implementation of the service, however the service can be implemented and used in different use cases as described below.


Road works usually lead to changes of road layout and driving regulations. This may give rise to driver anxiety possibly leading to unsafe traffic situations and accidents.  

Warning road users about road works in advance should increase their alertness and allow them to adapt their driving behaviour.


The objective of the service is to inform road users of road works, providing for more attentive and adjusted driving when approaching and passing road works zones.

NordicWay 3 Flagships implementing this service

Road Works Warning

NordicWay 2 Demonstration sites implementing this service

Road Works Warning  to road users

C-ITS deployment pilot in Finland    

Sharing information from the Danish  Traffic Center    

Norwegian open test site for C-ITS  technology    

Norwegian C-ITS services for challenges  on high volume highways    

Arctic Challenge -  Automated driving in artic conditions

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Increased alertness;
  • Better traffic flow;
  • Improved traffic safety (reduced number of collisions and other accidents).

Use Cases

The use cases for the service include:

  • Road and Lane Closure.
  • Mobile Road Works.