NordicWay will demonstrate the use and feasibility of Day 1 and Day 1,5 C-ITS services in the challenging Nordic environment. The C-ITS services are defined in terms of use cases with scenarios showing how the different types of actors interact in the NordicWay Environment.

NordicWay is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union. The EU support is up to 50 % of the budgets. The budgets for NordicWay 1, 2 and 3 are:
NordicWay 1 (2015-17)  5.2 M€
NordicWay 2 (2018-20) 18.9 M€
NordicWay 3 (2019-23) 19.0 M€

Dynamically Controlled Zones

The service is to distribute traffic policy protocols and traffic rules to road users in real-time which enable dynamically controlled zones and vehicles to adjust characteristics accordingly.

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In Vehicle Signage

The service is to inform drivers about actual, static and dynamic road signs via in-vehicle systems. Road signs can be mandatory or advisory.

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Signalized Intersections

The service is to provide information to road users to support safe and efficient crossing of signalized intersections. The implementation of the use cases should increase safety and traffic flow efficiency and reduce adverse environmental effects following from erratic and stop-and-go driving.

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Road Works Warning

The service is to warn road users about nearby road works (mobile, static, short-term, long-term).

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Hazardous Location Notifications

The service is to warn road users about potentially hazardous situations or events on the road. Warnings include information about the location and type of a hazard, distance to the hazard, its expected duration, etc.

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Emergency Vehicle Approaching

This service is to inform other road users about emergency vehicles that are approaching an accident zone, both to shorten the response time for the emergency services and to prevent incidents and accidents.

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