Dynamically Controlled Zones

The service is to distribute traffic policy protocols and traffic rules to road users in real-time which enable dynamically controlled zones and vehicles to adjust characteristics accordingly.

NordicWay Presentation Dynamically Controlled Zones

The video shows an example of an implementation of the service, however the service can be implimented and used in different use cases as described below.

Demo 191017 OSLO #Geofence #ZeroEmissionZone NPRA VCC

Demo of Zero Emission Zones using geofencing for a Volvo plug-in hybrid vehicle in Oslo. The geofence is drawn and published in the Norwegian Public Roads Administrations National Road Database (NVDB).

NordicWay 2 Geofence pilot

Within this pilot the City of Gothenburg, Technolution, Ericsson and Volvo Cars have proven technical solutions for dynamically controlled environmental zones using the NordicWay architecture.


Many European cities implement regulated zones in urban areas, e.g. environmental zones, restrictions on physical parameters such as length and weight and usage characteristics (public transport, private car etc.).

The regulations in these zones and the zones themselves may sometimes need real-time adjustment due to current traffic or weather conditions, or due to events affecting desired vehicle characteristics in defined zones.


The objective of the service is to enable road authorities to adjust geo- and policy data in real-time and distribute data to service-subscribing vehicles which can adjust characteristics according to current zones and policy.

NordicWay 3 Flagships implementing this service

Geofencing & Dynamic Zones

NordicWay 2 Demonstration sites implementing this service

Norwegian open test site for C-ITS  technology

Norwegian C-ITS services for challenges on high volume highways

Protecting the environment with dynamic  environmental zones

Traffic managment by dynamic access  control 

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Support introduction of control zones (CZ);
  • Improve traffic safety (e.g. through speed compliance);
  • Improve environment and air quality in urban areas.

Use Cases

The use cases for the service include:

  • Dynamic Environmental Zone.