Road Works Warning

Test sites: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


Road Works Warning (RWW) is a service which aims to enhance traffic safety and flow by reducing accidents and traffic jams caused by road works on major routes as well as inter-urban and urban streets.



C-ITS Road Works Warning is one of the most matured C-ITS services that has been piloted and demonstrated already in the first NordicWay project (2015-2017) to achieve interoperability between the Nordic countries. RWW is also part of the C-Roads Platform specifications to achieve European wide interoperability and in which NordicWay has participated.



The objective of the Road Works Warning (RWW) flagship is to pilot national RWW services in Nordic conditions and harmonise towards European interoperability.

Mobile road work is frequently happening along the roads and warning of position and possibly speed for these vehicles will give awareness to drivers nearby.