Sharing information from the Danish Traffic Center

Hazardous location warnings and real-time information from the National Danish Traffic Center

Location: Main road network in Denmark

Testing: June 2019 - May 2020

The central systems of the national Danish Traffic Management center are connected directly to the Interchange network. All messages generated and broadcasted from the Danish Traffic Management center are available to all NordicWay partners in real-time through the Interchange.

This was among others demonstrated in 2019 during the NordicWay tour where a car drove through the main roads across Denmark and received real-time information on incidents, roadworks and variable speed limits along the entire route.

Furthermore, the national traffic management center is able to receive real-time information from all the other NordicWay partners in order to create a better overview of the current situation on the Danish Roads.   

Services implemented on the site

Road Works Warning

Hazardous Location Notifications