Traffic management by dynamic access control

Smart traffic management for access control to designated infrastructure.

Location: E4 south of Stockholm

Testing: March - June 2020

Dynamic access control of physical infrastructure has been practically tested from March 2020. A Scania truck does request access to an existing bus lane by cellular network communication on E4 just south of Stockholm on a 3.1 km long road stretch. The Traffic management center takes the decision if the truck is granted access to the bus lane based upon predefined requirements of the vehicle and the current traffic conditions. If the preconditions are fulfilled the truck is granted access otherwise declined.

Increased accessibility is essential for economic growth and societal development in urban cities. The Swedish population is expected to grow the coming decades and both traffic and transport volumes will increase in already densely populated areas. It is therefore vital to explore new ways to use existing infrastructure in order to avoid new large investments in the road infrastructure.

Innovative pilot demonstrations in real environment are performed within NordicWay 2. C-ITS services will be developed and digital information between infrastructure and vehicle is enabled to achieve increased traffic safety, a more effective traffic system and smart traffic management.

Dynamic Access Control - A NordicWay 2 pilot

Pilot on Dynamic Access Control in Sweden

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Dynamically Controlled Zones