In-Vehicle Signage for Motorway Control Systems and VMS - PoC

The aim of this PoC is to investigate and test under real traffic conditions the Motorway Control Systems (MCS) and Variable Message Signs (VMS) functions into the In-Vehicle Signage (IVS) services.

The tests will follow selected C-ITS transport services together with both OEMs and Public Transport stakeholders. All tests will be based on cellular communication and in accordance with C-roads standards (e.g. ETSI, DATEX). In other words, test a chain of services with new actors and investigate the potential to improve safety, environmental issues and driver comfort as well. These will be elaborated and evaluated together with the stakeholders in NordicWay 3.

The PoC will consist of Stockholm and Gothenburg sites where the following use/test cases and data dissemination will be explored:

·        MCS data: Lane closures and changes, recommended highest speed, mandatory speed etc.

·        VMS data regarding occurred events

·        MCS detection data: Lane sensors coupled to gantries etc.h

·        Data exchange between Traffic Management Centres, Service providers, OEMs and Public Transport


The PoC will take into account activities of the flagship pilots.

The PoC leader is RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB and participating partners are Scania CV AB, Volvo Busses AB, Volvo Car Cooperation, ITxPT, Swarco, Monotch and Trafikverket.