Emergency Vehicle Warnings

Test site: Sweden and likely Finland.


Quick and accurate information and warnings about hazardous events on the roads may prevent incidents and accidents. Also, informing other road users about emergency vehicles that are approaching an accident zone can shorten the response time for the emergency services.


The European Commission has classified Emergency Vehicle Approaching as a highly beneficial C-ITS Service that should be deployed quickly so that end-users and society at large can benefit from it as soon as possible.


The main objective is to provide an Emergency Vehicle Approaching (EVA) warning message to vehicles before a driver can detect the emergency vehicle, visually or upon hearing the siren.

The effect desired by offering the service to road users is twofold;

  • A better experience for road users and drivers by not being surprised by the sudden appearance of emergency vehicles.
  • Shorter response times for emergency vehicles and a smoother and safer traffic flow when an emergency vehicle is approaching.